Sunday, November 26, 2006

coding by convention vs prior convention

Been a while since I posted. I have still be doing some work with Grails and Java EE5. I completed out my test for UI's via AJAX as well but I thought I would put down some thoughts on coding by convention.

I am new to the Rails approach and I have to say I quite like it. The idea that the file system, file names and such carry meaning and that the framework uses these to look for things that might otherwise be designated in XML configuration files is quite nice.

Until of course you create a domain image. I created the domain image in Grails. This has the effect of telling Grails that any URL with /app/image in it should be processed by the controllers, services and such associated with that domain. Unfortunately this also means that img tags with src attributes that use /app/image in their path don't load images from a directory in that path, but that pass the request on to the domain controller.

It's a small point perhaps, but it does make me wonder what else I might run into. Domains with names like image, pdf or I am sure many other (conventional names) just might interfere with the convention of the framework.

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