Sunday, October 15, 2006

.NET 3.0 an attack on standards?

So I read my first article on .Net 3.0 this morning over at I then headed out to the Netfx3 site and did a little reading on the Communication, Presentation, Workflow and Cardspace foundation that are part of .Net 3.0.

Microsoft has obviously turned their back on standards like Web services, SVG, efforts like SAML, WS-Federation and the Liberty Alliance. I am sure they have done in this in the name of "user experience". However, this will be user experience only on Microsoft Windows.

Do I trust that things like WPF/E (the "Everywhere" cross platform version of WPF) will be coded to, made easy to code to, be used at all by many developers? Of course not, Microsoft has no interest in doing that. As a company they have fostered a culture based around ignoring standards and ignoring where the network is going. Even as powerful as they are, I have no doubt they will fail, but they have the potential to cause huge amounts of damage to peoples data along the way.

The core interconnecting standards of the net are under attack. Microsoft will use its influence, FUD and any other tactics to encourage this. Then they will wrap themselves in the flag of "competition is the cornerstone of capitalism" implying that they are the moral high ground holders.

It is obvious that Vista and .NET 3.0 will bring the most concerted effort yet by Microsoft to undermine Internet standards and cross platform environments.

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